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What Do I Need to Know About a Condo Remodeler in Sarasota, FL?

What Do I Need to Know About a Condo Remodeler in Sarasota, FL?

Picture this: you’re enjoying your morning coffee on the balcony of your Sarasota condo, watching the Gulf of Mexico shimmer into the distance.

You couldn’t have picked a better place to retire, you think to yourself, as a pelican sails across your perch on its way to the ocean.

Then, out of nowhere, a jackhammer rattles the entire building from twenty feet away. The inexperienced contractors working on your bathroom forgot to warn you about the noise.

While you’re trying to find earplugs, the condo association calls. You were not approved to use the main elevator for your material transports, they say. You’ll need to pay a fine.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the condo remodeler installing the countertops drops and chips your beautiful marble counters. They were not experienced in working within the confined spaces of a condo.

Want to avoid this nightmare? Learn how to plan your Sarasota condo remodeling correctly with these handy tips.

Know What You’re Allowed to Do

The Sarasota region has been a popular choice for retirees for many years now. Most of SRQ’s condos come with a definitive set of rules and regulations.

The first and most important part of your luxury condo remodeling is to know what the condo association allows.

There are many concerns to consider. Which elevators are permitted to transport materials? If you’re in a more densely populated part of Sarasota city, are there parking permits your contractors will need?

If you’re in Lido Key, St. Armands, or Siesta Key, your condo may have existed long enough to require structural remodeling. Do you know what the condo organization’s plans are? You don’t want to interrupt their work.

To top it off, be aware of any aesthetic guidelines they require. Your trendy idea might not be OK. Make sure you’re using approved paint colors and don’t break any of their regulations.

You don’t want to make enemies with your neighbors.

Is It New?

Can you remodel a condo that’s still being built?

Yes, and it’s often much easier. Since your condo association is still finalizing its rules and procedures, you can get away with more custom finishes than you would otherwise.

If you’re purchasing a new luxury condo, be sure to consider any remodels you’d want to be done. Thankfully, Sarasota is a wealthy area, and there are plenty of experts available.

Hire a luxury home builder and get to them straight away!

Hire the Right Condo Remodeler

Remodeling a condo is more difficult than many areas of construction. Your average contractor may not have experience working with the added challenges of condo work. He may prove to be a bad investment!

The extra problems of condo contracting include, but are not limited to:

  • finding parking for your laborers
  • transporting materials up to your floor
  • navigating small, compact spaces of a condo without storage

Instead, search for professional renovators in the Sarasota region that specialize in condos.

Know What Your Gameplan Is

Of course, the remodeling strategy of someone looking to resell the home will differ from someone who wants to live out the rest of their days in the condo.

But even if you fall somewhere in the middle of these two plans, it pays to spend some time thinking through what your endgame is.

For many purposes, kitchen and bathroom remodels provide the most return on investment. But there are always many options to consider.

Could you see yourself moving out after five years? Ten years?

This will impact what renovations you choose. Decide on portable, detachable improvements that you can take with you, instead of permanent infrastructure renovations.

Do you plan to pass the condo on to your children? Choose materials and investments that will keep the place structurally sound and reliable.

Answering these questions goes a long way toward staying within your budget.

Know What’s Possible

You’d think this would go without saying, but it can be surprising that many aspects of a condo’s structure cannot be changed.

If the corner of a wall seems to poke out at an odd angle, or a small closet doesn’t seem like it has enough room to be useful, there’s likely a good reason. Some elements of your condo cannot be removed without structural damage.

Hire a consultant early and make sure you have realistic expectations.

Hire Professional Cleaners

You may think the contractors will tidy up after themselves when they’re gone. There’s a good chance you’re wrong!

Contractors are used to doing their one job and nothing else.

And even if they do clean up, contractors are not professional maids. There will likely be debris hidden in the nooks and crannies of your condo, waiting to puncture your foot on a late-night trip to the bathroom.

Instead, take the time to hire a professional cleaning service when the remodeling is done. Thank us later for this very crucial piece of advice!

Live Elsewhere While Remodeling Finishes

Do you like waking up to the sounds of chop saws and grunting men?

Do you like sharing your personal space with a rotating cast of laborers?

Do you enjoy stepping over construction supplies and piles of tiles just to get from your bedroom to your kitchen?

Of course not. Take some time to book a trip while the worst of the remodeling is underway. Have you explored Tampa? Been to Disney? Or maybe you just book a week at the Ritz down the street.

Choose the Local Experts

Brista Homes specializes in the Bradenton-Sarasota region and knows how to work within a condo.

If you want to avoid the many headaches that can come with a subpar condo remodeler, contact us at any time. We are experts in making our client’s dreams come true with custom requests and elite, professional service.

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